Optimize your operations

Actionable insights to make your logistics routes faster and safer. Use data to get real-time data on route costs and profitability based realtime data from vehicles and associated costs.

An integrated platform to manage cost, improve efficiency, safety and sustainability

Optimize operations

Leverage equipment data to improve fleet utilization, manage fuel consumption and schedule maintenance

Reduce emissions

Measure carbon emissions using arifcial intelligence systems to achieve net zero goal

Manage routes

Plan your preferred routes, visualize trip logs and monitor deliveries on the go

Increase profitability

Meet your rental equipment needs with the click of a buton or generate revenue by renting out idle equipment

Data and insights at your fingertips

Dynamically adapt your route planning through insight-based decision making

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The future of logistics

Technology is evolving to meet the most pressing industry needs. Tenderd's platform enables you to leverage today’s leading technology to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Actionable intelligence to optimize route planning

Each vehicle in your fleet is able to transmit a number of rich parameters that can then be used to visualize and manage your logistics digitally

Transparency across the logistics value chain

Understand where and why trip delays are happening by tracking live route progress, uneccessary detours and idling, and unsafe driving beaviours

Everything you need

All in one platform

Unlock your fleet's full potential through our unique software features

  • High Precision GPS
  • Advanced geofencing
  • Receive instant alerts
  • Document storage & management
  • Immediately identifying breakdowns
  • Generate machine performance reports
  • Work order management
  • Predictive Maintenance alerts


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